Pomerol state of mind- oui oui!

Pomerol restaurant

127, N 36th St

Seattle, WA 98103


Délicieux !!

When I heard the name Pomerol , all I can think of was my visit to stunning French country side/ wine region Pomerol! A country side surrounded by villas, grape vines, stunning chateaus and of course: beautiful wine. It is right next to the famous wine region -Bordeaux. The vibe here is just something else. It's Southern France vibe mix with that ease and bliss you get from being in a wine region. One can't help but be relax in happy wine filled state of mind here. 

Fast-forward to Pomerol the restaurant in Fremont! I planned a dinner with my best friends on a Saturday night. I wanted a nice ambiance, food needs to be great and have that memorable factor. I debated between two different French restaurant but decided to give this place a try based on the name and location factor. And so glad I did.Six of us dined here for hours with great service, tasty food and amazing drinks thanks to our super friendly and super cool bartender! What a Rock star he was! :)

Décor- Casual and charming. It has that beautiful Fremont charm, cushy outdoor seating as well as indoor. Dim lit, somewhat dark, wooden chairs, big windows. Basically everything I love in a restaurant! Add in amazing staffs and that hardcore grill from their open kitchen- Wowza!!

Service: my favorite part of the dining was the service. We were all running late for our 8 pm reservation. I was the first one that made it at 8:15 pm but they made sure I wasn't in a rush. I also appreciate that they called me while I was parking instead of giving the table away. Told me not to rush and kept our beautiful table set. Who doesn't love that?! Our beautiful waitress check on me several times while I wait for the rest of my party. She wasn't pushy or overbearing. She was just right. It definitely helps when you are sitting by yourself in a big table! :)

Drinks: With the name Pomerol, you expects a great wine list. And this place meets that expectation. They have everything from full body red and white to delicious rose and champagne from Bordeaux, Walla Walla, Columbia valley and Burgundy region. They also have a great cocktail list! This is where our rock star bartender came in. We all wanted something different. My girlfriend wanted scotch but they didn't have the brand she wanted. Our bartender brought out several different kinds in the same price point for her to taste. She loved it! The rest of us went with cocktail, wine and more scotch! There was a gin cocktail with basil- delish! Dirty martinis, manhattans, raspberry sunset and few others I can't recall. All tasted great! 

Food: This we took a while to decide because we were busy drinking and catching up! But good things take time :) We started out with few appetizers and went on to all out carnivorous dinner!

Oysters on half shells - delish with thai chilli mignonette! You get 6 per order. Perfect!

Hamachi with green cherry tomato - tasty!

Arugula salad with radish, prettiest cherry tomatoes and charred corn- too pretty to eat!

Chilli garlic rubbed octopus with aioli- love this. I'm a fan of octopus, especially a charred grilled one with good sauce. This one was pretty tasty!


Lemon herb rubbed lamb steak with corn, baby anise and green chutney type sauce. So tastyyyy! 3 of us got this same dish for the love of lamb and we were glad we did!

Pork steak with pork belly, mustard greens and onion. Another great dish!

Slow grilled beef short ribs with shallot confit and cauliflower puree- a little bit tough but tasty.

Roasted chicken! I have a thing for a well cooked chicken that's not dry or overcooked. This was nicely done. 

Grilled sirloin with chantrelle mushroom- tastiness!

Grilled zucchini - so good, I actually ate it!

Goose fat potato- this was everyone's favorite! 

Pomms Pure- yum!

Shallot rosit potato! 

 I tend to avoid desserts but this was such a special meal, I decided to extend it but adding few more plates with dessert. 

Marshmallow spread --Berry compote, hazelnut crumbs, IPA sorbet! They need to have an all you can eat brunch buffet of this! Or tasting menu based on marshmallow spread! It can be 5 tastings of this same dish. Just give me the spread! 

Flourless chocolate cake with ganache, pistachio meringue and berry pellets? Oh so pretty! Perfect way to end this great meal. We had some more drinks and wine in this lovely space before we said goodbye well after they closed. They closed at 11 pm and we left around midnight without any pressure! Our bartender even came out to photo bomb our group picture. Such energy! I love it! :)

Overall, Pomerol gave me similar Pomerol region visit feel. Loved everything from the charming atmosphere to friendly staff and tasty meat fest! Such a relaxing and memorable meal! Makes me smile and salivate every time I think about it! Thanks Pomerol!! I can't wait to come back and do it all over again.


Arugula salad!



Lemon herb lamb steak 


Garlic rubbed Octopus in aioli! 

Mistral kitchen- takes you back to Paris!

A bowl of butter with potatoes sprinkles- courtesy Joel Robuchon!

That's the secret to dine with the chef! If you know the chef, you can request him in advance to make you his epicly amazing potatoes - made Joel Robuchon way with perfection and loads of of butter. Melts in your mouth might be an understatement!! 

I've always been a fan of mistral kitchen in it's various spaces. The latest home might be my favorite one yet. Hama Hama oysters and bubble for happy hour? You bet I'm there. Outdoor seating? Yes please! How about the jewel box? Totally worth it! And if you're feeling up for it, go for chef tasting in the nicest room. Wine is included!

Things I've always loved here-

*Muscovy Duck!! It's succulent, its rare, its pretty and oh so amazing.

**The lamb loins- the reason I love this place was/is for their lamb.The chef has changed the way he prepares the lamb but you can always count on having at least one good lamb dish on their menu!

**The Ribeye!!! This was done to a perfection. I love my meat when its done right. This was done absolutely right. So right, makes you want to pick up the bone and eat it. This is my new favorite as of last night!

**The half chicken- he cooked it in a parchment to save all the moistures. It is divine! Comes with corns and squash.

**Best dish- single scallop! One perfect scallop! It is so good!!!! One is all you need when it's done right. Seriously true. 

**Seared foie gras- its a must have!!

**Oysters, chicken bao and clams! All so good ans tasty!

Oh and dessert?? Their panna cotta is made with coconut. Reminds me of Haupia pie in giant bowl with pretty crispy macarons ,candy, flowers and jelly on top! 

Almond cake was gorgeous! Trio of sorbet was just as nice. Panna cotta takes the cake for me-literally :) Thanks, Chef! 

Last but not least: the cocktails! Must have their cocktails.Courting rachel is an art of its own. Make sure you order it as soon as you sit down. It takes time to make. But it is definitely worth the wait. So many tastiness in one place, what can one do except enjoy them all! :)

La Carta de Oxaca- Obsession of all things spice and flavor!

La carta de Oxaca

5431 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

First of many margaritas and seriously flavorful food!!

This place has been serving fantastic Oxacan food and mean margaritas for years! I've discovered this place about 6 years ago. I must admit, I've only tried a few things from their menu during 6 years. But lately, I've had tried pretty much everything from their menu!

Drinks - I had my very first alcoholic margaritas as a little 21 years old here :-). Yea, that first !!! I felt so special being legal , I had 2! Bartenders margaritas I believe. And I loved it!!

Food- yumm with serious spice!!

Lamb Birrira- pretty spicy and flavorful. Served with beans and tortilla. It was amazing.

Mole negro oxaqueno - the sauce is delish!!
Tacos al pastor - I like them all but my favorite has to be the carne esada.

Carne esada Plato - yumm! The meat, the sauce, the pico. So well balanced.

Halibut tacos- nice and fluffy! And that pepper cream sauce is kind of awesome.

Posole -pork stew with cabbages, tortilla, onions and lime on the side.

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo - Eee these are my absolute favorite. Flavorful and spicy chile lime sauce,big prawns, beans and flavorful rice. It has a whole lot of heat!!! Ahhh. It's soo good!! This is my crack!!

And they have a salsa bar!! You can eat your heart out. They also have a small and tasty looking lunch menu that I have yet to check out.

The wait has always been all sorts of crazy over here but good things are worth the wait. And with two other locations: you're in luck for some serious Oxacan food  if you can't dine here. Wait at the bar, have a margarita or a mezcal! Watch them cook in that open kitchen or go outside for some patio seating. No matter what, you are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds and your stomach. At $11- $15 per plates, you're also guaranteed to not break your bank. It's a win win from everywhere! Give of a try if you haven't. You just might get addicted.