Bouchon bakery- bakery worth obsessing over!!

Bouchon Bakery 

6528 Washington St, Yountville, CA 94599


Absolute love-fest!! Absolute!!  

There aren't many 5 stars bakeries on my yelp but this one, well this one's definitely a 5+++.and above! I'd give it a 6 if I could. 

Why do I love Bouchon bakery????! Why not!! It is in the cutest building in Yountville. It has tantalizing scent of all things choclate, butter, tarts, eclair with gold, amazing chocolate croissants!! It's bright, shiny and filled with all the goodies. And they always have lines out the door.Always! 

Bouchon brings out the greedy little fat child in me. Fatty, indecisive child that wants it all at Charlie in the chocolate factory. Do I get the macarons?? Do I get the chocolate ganache? Eeee what do I get? Oh yes,I see all you people behind me waiting for your turn. Better wait up!!!! I didn't come all the way to Napa and wait in line to NOT get all my favorite treats.You all shall wait for your turn and go crazy as well. So yea,let me continue drooling!

Few things I got after a few hundred seconds: 

Chocolate eclair - meltyy, oooeyyyy,gooooeyyyyyyyy!

Chocolate Croissants- The best!

Chocolate covered macarons - say whaaaaaaaaaaat!

Chocolate ganache tart--Gold leaf! Covered in gold leaves! Taste magical.

Salted caramel macarons! Like christmas in my mouth.

That nutter butter! Oh so nuttyyyy!

Chocolate cookies---gimme gimme!!

Do you see where I'm going with this? Straight to "Chocoholics are us" meeting! I don't even need to say "Hi, My name is Latifa and I have a chocolate problem". No, sir! I don't. You get the jist.I shall happily die as a chocolate fiend! Or that one girl that took all the amazing Ganache tart from Bouchon!That girl that made you cry because she ate all the gold leaves and chocolate macarons! Yes,that is me!! One and only! Oh you love chocolate too?Too bad for you that you are in line behind me. Sucka!! 

Tehehe- I'd love to taunt all sorts of fat kid rant for them chocolate. I mean, seriously!! And their macarons are seriously worth slapping a tiger for. Have you ever slapped a tiger? No? Neither have I. But I would if you make me do it for those macarons. And the Ganache tart!! Wahh wahhh: too bad they don't have one in Seattle. What is up with that? But then again, if they do open it here: nobody else would get to eat it anyway. I'll make sure to hog/rob all of it everyyyy single dayyyyy! Maybe move in to the space right above, behind, in front! Or buy an RV and just loge outside? Possibilities are endless. Till then, I enjoy flying to San Francisco every few months just so I  can come to Yountville! Drink my favorite champagne and go zombie apocalypse over their pastries!  Enough said!!! Mahalo Bouchon! Mahalo!


Eclair goodness!

Fluffy chocolatey goodness!!

Fluffy chocolatey goodness!!


Rolling with Roll ok please!!

Food truck built solely from the love of food. Shama, your food rocks! 

Whether you are a foodie or not, food is always around us. Food that reminds us of a certain part of our lives, crossing cultures, vacations, trip, hometown, our family and so on. I have so many favorites place to get my happy eat on. Mom's always #1 followed by plethora of amazing eateries with amazing chefs from all over. Most have been trained exceptional well, others cook from their experience. But they all have one thing in common: the love of food! 

Enter Roll Ok Please. Shama the owner and chef is techie by profession and foodie by passion. She have passion for food, life, dance and laughter!! If you are looking for her in a crowd, you can't miss her! She's that one bubbling with excitement! She decided to quit her job at Microsoft after 15 years to start a food truck because she loves cooking that much! Talk about the bravery! And following your  passion!! And you can taste all of that in her food.That was last month and viola!! Bright red and yellow cart filled with amazing food was born!!

We got: 

Chicken Kathi roll

The Kathi bowl with extra egg on top!

Their masala chai and soda looks great but it's on the coming soon list. No problem. we shall come back! 

After a few chatters with the very excited crew at the front, we got our food! My first love with Kati roll was the Kati roll Company in NYC. Pretty amazing, pretty tasty! And I haven't had any since. This? Well this was the best since.The bread/chapati that covering the roll was fresh and so tasty. The meat was tender and the spices? Tasty, explosive but not overpowering. And my bowl was delish! I love my melty yolk from the egg, the chicken. Yummm. Did I mention it was 90 degrees that day? We stood outside and polished off our plates like Cookie monster at a cookie buffet in that heat! SO GOOD!

The only complaint? I couldn't get seconds because the line got really long. She also make this epic tasting homemade hot sauce. Zomg- that thing was amazing! Green chilis crushed on a stone with garlic, vinegar and some kind of magic. Your mouth will explode but you will not stop eating! Damn endorphin, damn!! 

Seattle lack in good Indian street food. Or even a really good Indian food for that matter. This place give you a taste of both! And they travel all over Seattle. SLU on weekdays/Fremont! And Ballard on weekends right by that Hilliards brewery you say? Well, that's where I shall be then! And you should be too. Get your Kathi roll fix, get your bowl fix. Get your Indian street food on!  You can thank me later! :) Yes, Roll ok! You are more than ok in my book!


Italian in Eataly, NYC!


200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

Eataly ,rocking my socks since 2011!!! 

Eataly, NY is just as fantastic as Eataly, Roma. Build like a market of wonders and magic. I first wondered in here few years ago with a mob of people. First few steps in: I was welcomed by that aromatic gelateria! And kind of got stuck in a stampede almost. It was Christmas time. It was busy! Everyone was ooing and ahhing. I didn't mind. Less effort it took for me to walk because all I need to do was let people push me forward! Not so bad after all.

There's a coffee bar, gelato bar and next to it was the pastry bar. Cookies, pizzlles, packaged coffee, dried pasta! And on to the next. That pizzeria/pasta bar. Zomg, holy pasta! And the meat shop? That was drool worthy. And IL Pesce??! Wowza!!

Here are my fav shops inside this mecca of all things food-

iL pesce - But of course! All things seafood and shellfish? Yes please!

I had the best spot prawns and razor clams over here. They were absolutely divine. Food is more on the tasting portion so it will be small but they were all perfectly tasty.

La Pizza & La Pasta- Drool worthy, simple fresh pizza and pastas! Ahhh. I always end up eating/buying so much here! Damn the noodle addict in me. But they are soo goooood. And they make my favorite roman dish-Caccio e pepe! Need I say more? Nom nom.

La Piazza - standing tables only! This is the place I've spent my time waiting for tables at the other restaurant. Grab some cheese, some wine, hang purse and chit chat like I'm in Venice, Italy! Or those markets in Roma. Their housemade mozzarella, prosciutto, salami, the parma! Big plate of salami! it is all that you want and more from a place like this.

And last but not least- Birreria!! --once you are done walking,stampeding all over downstairs, come up to the roof top! Viola- a roof top bar!!! You can eat and drink all the beers on tap! The view isn't all that shabby either. They have amazing meat dishes like braised pork shoulders, lamb chop etc. I've spent many hot summer evenings here few years ago. They were the best! (Given that you can find a table of course)

They also have Manzo the steak house and La Verdure- all things fresh and vegetable! I've skipped them on all of my visit. Not because they look bad or anything. Only because I only have limited space in my stomach and when it all comes down to it, I'm a seafood girl! Definitely don't eat my veggies! (Yea, got my big girls pants now!) Meat I like but not over shellfish. And between the cheeses, spot prawns, pasta and that rooftop bar, I get to eat till I passed out. I've yet to have a gelato here too because of the other things filled me up. Overall, I love this! All my favorite Italian treats in one big space! And many to take home to. Yumm yummm!

Cambodian fix @Phnom Penh Noodle

Phnom Penh Noodle House

660 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104

Noodle me crazy!!!

Eee- this place make me doubt myself. Doubt myself on my choice of food because they have SO many good things on their menu. Ahhhhhhh!

I've been here once before few years back but didn't think much about it. I also didn't do the ordering, my friends did. Perhaps we have different taste. With Kau Kau being right next door, I've passed by this a gazillion afterward. Never made it in. 

Saturday morning- the usual noodles/ carbs craving but wasn't allowed to eat my typical spice-chili galore food due to health. But I still wanted noodles and came across this place. Their food pictures to be exact! So I thought let's give this place another try. Worst case, King noodles is down the block and I can alway get something else! And am I glad I did. 

We debated quite a while on what to order but went with no.9 - beef foursome soup and the special Mee ka tang Cambodian Chinese noodles!

**Foursome Beef Noodle

Cambodian beef stew, meat balls, slice beef, and honeycomb tripe with wide rice noodles. Topped with green onion, cilantro, and roasted garlic. This was oh so totally amazing!!

** Mee Katang Phnom Penh

Wide rice noodles, scallops, calamari, fish cakes, chicken breast & pork in a delish sauce with shiitake mushrooms, and carrots. I believe this was #23! And tastier than my foursome beef! Can you believe that?

Atmosphere was nice,relax and roomy. Service was print and good. Portions were huge! I had so much left overs and I forgot to eat them! Doh!! Good thing tomorrow is a holiday. I just might have to go get some more noodly madness!!


Mee Katang with seafood and wide rice noodles! So tasty!


Foursome beef noodle soup!! 

Oysters- Ironside in San Diego!

Ironside Fish & Oyster

1654 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

Shuck it... Shuck it shuck it like a Polaroid pictures! 

Oysters with time travel? Yes please!!! I had my first meal in San Diego here and It wasn't a coincidence. It was the fact that they had just opened 7 weeks ago, the fact that they were right by Little Italy and also the fact that they had $1 oysters on happy hour! I will selfishly eat all them shellfish. 

Parked right outside of this place and yet, I couldn't find it. They took out the old sign but haven't added any new one. Iron side oyster was written on a tiny metal plate at the entrance to this absolutely stunning place. Makes you walk in and go--ahhh!!

It is so pretty! I love architecture, I love open spaces, I love old with the new concept, open kitchen and that music!! They have it all. I can see the symphony of prepping food in the kitchen while I take in the amazing fresh baked scent from the bakery counter right behind me. Perfection!

Luckily it was happy hour but unluckily, no cooked food was available. We decided to stick to oysters and splurged with stone crab!! All with a side of champagne of course.

After a thousand sheeps and a few oh so romantic songs later, we got our platter of goodies delivered to us!! Viola. Oysters were good but the stone crab? That was just magic!! Too bad they weren't on happy hour. I could've easily ordered a few dozen more. 

We slurp, crack, sip and ate our food while we people watch. It was tasty, fun, exciting ,mellow and upbeat at the same time. And I love every bit of it!!! Looking forward to returning so I can try out all the scrumptious looking dishes on their dinner menu with a drink or four! Till then, I'll be dreaming about my perfect afternoon meal from here. Yumm yumm yumm!!!


Oxaca food- perfect for those spice cravings!

La carta de Oxaca

5431 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

First of many margaritas and seriously flavorful food!!

This place has been serving fantastic Oxacan food and mean margaritas for years! I've discovered this place about 6 years ago. I must admit, I've only tried a few things from their menu during 6 years. But lately, I've had tried pretty much everything from their menu!

Drinks - I had my very first alcoholic margaritas as a little 21 years old here :-). Yea, that first !!! I felt so special being legal , I had 2! Bartenders margaritas I believe. And I loved it!! 

Food- yumm with serious spice!!

Lamb Birrira- pretty spicy and flavorful. Served with beans and tortilla. It was amazing.

Mole negro oxaqueno - the sauce is delish!!

Tacos al pastor - I like them all but my favorite has to be the carne esada.

Carne esada Plato - yumm! The meat, the sauce, the pico. So well balanced.

Halibut tacos- nice and fluffy! And that pepper cream sauce is kind of awesome. 

Posole -pork stew with cabbages, tortilla, onions and lime on the side.

Camarones al Mojo de Ajo - Eee these are my absolute favorite. Flavorful and spicy chile lime sauce,big prawns, beans and flavorful rice. It has a whole lot of heat!!! Ahhh. It's soo good!! This is my crack!!

And they have a salsa bar!! You can eat your heart out. They also have a small and tasty looking lunch menu that I have yet to check out.

The wait has always been all sorts of crazy over here but good things are worth the wait. And with two other locations: you're in luck for some serious Oxacan food  if you can't dine here. Wait at the bar, have a margarita or a mezcal! Watch them cook in that open kitchen or go outside for some patio seating. No matter what, you are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds and your stomach. At $11- $15 per plates, you're also guaranteed to not break your bank. It's a win win from everywhere! Give of a try if you haven't. You just might get addicted.


Camarones al mojo de Ajo! Shrimp in lime and Chilli sauce! Yumm! 


Halibut tacos!! Bomb!


Sweet ending!

It's a Californian foodporn in San Diego!!

Two weeks in Hawaii flew by!! But thankfully, after about five days break, I'm at a beach again!

Beachbumming , shellfish eating and paddle boarding like nobody's business!

And what could better than raw fish?? Check out my lunch from heaven!

A tray of freshest Uni- Sea urchin paired with Hawaiian style garlic shrimp and rice. Can we say We totally must!! Ahh