A Tarbena da Rua das Flores ~ favorite place in Lisbon!

A truly phenomenal restaurant! You rock Babara!

This is my favorite place in Lisboa and I found it by chance thanks to yelp! I was looking for seafood, looked it up. And came across this little gem. 

Came here around 4:30 pm. It's in between late lunch and dinner. In between the lines out the door-oh so crazy time. So in between, there was no one in the place when I first arrived. But within twenty minutes, this place filled up. And was packed for the day! Ahh.

Staffs - everyone is oh so nice, friendly and speak perfect english! Not that english speaking should be your prirority when exploring a foreign land but it helps immensely. And they are all so nice with amazing recommendations. 

Menu- each waiter bright this giant chalk board with the menu of the day. Each waiter know what's in each dishes. They will explain it all. The chalk board isn't that tiny either. It's as big as me if not bigger. They have about 15-20  items on there. I think I tried at least 90% of the menu. And I still didn't get enough!

Drinks - wine wine and more wine. I love homemade wine. I often ask for house wine to get a taste of local wine. We had a good 2-3 bottles of their house red. It was nice, spicy and rich. Perfect to pair with all of their food. And also perfect for winter. yummmm!

Now lets talk food. This is Portugal. They are more diverse than most places. No really! Think of all your favorite dishes from around the world, and add little tasty magical touches on it. And viola!

They had about 20 items on the menu on my first visit here. I had 18!! They are tapas style and most are small portion. Except the steak! That was big!

Best - they have a poke/sashimi style dish with amazing fish, seaweeds and dried shrimps on it. It tasted wayyyyyyy better than it sounds. So refreshing, tasty and amazing.

Steak frites - this was super rich and super taste. Steak is so lean and prepared right. 

Pho ca- this was my favorite. So good, I had it twice in one night. Think your regular pho but small. Add seafood, tomates and few portugese spices. Wow! It is amazing. So fresh, to tasty. So beyond great. Just a perfect amount of noodles and seafood. 

I also had a few meat, chicken piri piri, seafood dishes I can't recall. But all were so wonderfully amazing. Paired it all with their homemade red wine! Ahhhh it was magic. So magical, I even had a dessert to prolong this amazing dining experience. Such a beautiful setting, beautiful food and great service! Ahhhh!

It's a must!!! A total must. Perfect combination of cute and deliciousness combined in a small and unassuming place. Definitely my favorite place in Lisboa!!! Definitely! Now all I need is another perfect meal here.


Lisboa!!! I love you and your pastias!!!

Manteigaria Fabrica de pastias de nata

Rua do Loreto, 2, Lisboa

ummy!!! My favorite place for pastel de nata in Lisbon! And soon to be yours :)

Portuguese love their sweets, egg filled custardy sweets to be exact. And the most popular, the most addicted one of them all? Pasteias de Nata aka Pastel de nata aka the egg custard. 

Now don't get it twisted. You can't compare this so ANY other custards unless you've been to Portugal, or have tried the portugese version. It is flaky, fluffy, crispy, custardy! It is perfect in every way and you will know this as soon as it hit your lips. This place? This place in my opinion make the best one of them all in Lisbon.

All the shops closed early for bakery/baked goods in this area. it's the triangle that meets Principe Reale, Barrio Alto and all that. But not this shop. They open later than most other places on this strip. The decor is simple and oh so pretty. It's bright, charming! You can see the bakers baking all them little goodies as you walk in through the glass. I guess they want to protect their custards from getting drooled on :) I don't blame them.

And the best part??! You can get 6 of these cuties for 5 euros!! Comes in a pretty box. In my case, boxes. I bought 4 boxes total to bring back home to the states. Somehow only one made it through that treacherous plane right teeheee! Can't blame a girl for chowing these down. You'd be doing the same. Oh and I'm really not into sweets. I hate sugary taste of most things. I don't do cakes, desserts 90% of the time. These are semi sweet, crispy perfection.

Now I just need to figure out how to get more of these babies into the states cause I ran out!! Anyone?? Anyone??? In short~ try it! Get addicted. Join the club! And perhaps bring me some too. Yes? It's a win-win for all :)


Tapas Sunday in Madrid~ Mercado de San Miguel!

Market full of goodies!! Pretty tasty goodies presented in the most appealing way. Yes, I'm a fan. 

One can eat ones way through here for an entire day! No really. It opens till midnight on most days and till 2 am on weekends. You really can eat your way through here! 

Ambiance~ it's a beautiful market with so many amazing vendors. Looking from outside will get you salivated. So many pretty things! From inside? That's a whole different ball game. 

Tapas Sunday's are as serious as football Sunday. At least in Madrid. People come with families and kids in tows to do nothing but eat all day! Sounds good right? Totally. Sounds even better if you can find a spot to stand, sit and enjoy those goodies!

Tapas~ I started at this fish tapa stand. You have to be ready to order! How many? How much? Che? Got 5 amazing fish tapas for 5 euros. They are 1.50 euros each but you get a deal! Yummmm!

Next was the sangria counter~ red, white, pink! I mean any flavor you want for 2.50 euros! Hell yes! I'll take 3! :) 

Jarmon? Take away? Cones full of meat? Si! Yes please! So many different types of prosciutto, ham, cured meat! These are pricey so order smart. 

Seafood counters~ there are plethora of seafood counters. Some cook to order, some is all raw. You just have to try both. A plate of clams with run you about 9 euros. Not bad. A cone of deep fried, it was swimming 5 minutes ago seafood will run you about 16 euros. It is fresh!

There's also the cheese stand! Amazing burrata topped with different types of goodies. So good! I had the one with sun dried tomatoes. Melty gooey, sweet! Amazing! 

I even managed to snagged a few seats! There's a little cart with beer! 1 euro beer! Oh and of course~ the paella counter is not to be missed! All in all, I came here to stop by for a quick bite and ended up spending a few hours eating! I left only because it was getting too crazy fighting for seats and standing area. Else I would've stayed much longer and eat so much more!! You can say I'm a fan!!!


The best tasting fish!


Barcelona~ Catalonian love affair!!

Park guell! Such a harsh hike up to this place from the streets! Especially in high heeled boots. Without warning! Dam if you do, dam if you don't! But I made it. Made it all the ways to the top and then some.

selfie at the top of the park guell at the cross! Aka the highest point of Barcelona! Sunset was a nice touch. Hello all!!! :) 


Cafe Central~ it's a must in Vienna!!

Cafe shops are as essentials to Vienna as its art and music scene. To visit one is an absolute must. But which one? How about Cafe Central? It's 139 years old! And it is stunning. 

Try their coffe, amazing cakes or even the food. The atmosphere, the music added on top of all the tasty stuffs will make this place that much more memorable! 


Amazing cakes all made in house!

Prague castle ~Hello Prazsky Hrad!!

My castle for the day! What a beauty!! Definitely worth hiking up! And it's mainly free unless you want to go up or inside some cathedrals! 


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