Brunch crush @ Tallulah's

Tallulah is oh sooo prettyyyy!! 

Brunch is usually my favorite meal! I don't get to enjoy them as much till weekends and I tend to choose places I love so I can make the most out of it. This place was definitely worth venturing out from my usual brunch places. Dare I say it was worth the risk?

Ambiance- I have major love-fest, art crush and obsession on bright, open spaces. Any place with lots of windows, floor to ceiling glass windows, doors, greenery gets me happier than a fat kid at an ice cream buffet. I love the clean, minimal look with lots of lights. And this place was exactly it. It feels so refreshing walking in here! 

A lot of things looked great but brunch wouldn't be brunch without egg porn!! So we got exactly that :)

Egg Benny with ham and potatoes were so pretty. 

Quinoa bowl with salmon and poached egg was delish! 

Cappuccino with honey-- hmmm!! So tasty!!

I can use several refills on that cup :)

Flat bread with egg looked so soft and pretty!!

Service was prompt and good too. Overall, it's my new brunch crush. Made me smile! Oh and the Bloody Mary looks pretty tasty too. Trying it next time for sure!! Now if only they are open for brunch everyday. Grrr! I guess I'll wait patiently till my next eggporn meal. I guess!!


Quinoa bowl with all kinds of pretty things!!

How do you cope from Thanksgiving meal(s)?

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of holiday season. It also brings people together from near and far for that one special meal. We cook, we prep, we plan and we share the warmth with those who are dear to our hearts. 

There's only one problem- the mobility!! Turkey has this acid- tryptophan which makes you sleepy. One would think sleepiness is common from consuming all the delicious food but that's not the only thing making you sleepy. And then there's Black Friday shopping. We have many things to do after thanksgiving but we won't be able to if we keep falling asleep. 

Here's how I'm trying to cure my thanksgiving meal on Black Friday! 

Stop #1 - your favorite coffee shop. 

 Bakery Nouveau  

 1435, E John St  Seattle, WA 98112

Watching the rainfalls inside this cozy bakery definitely helped destressed me from yesterday's festivities.  I also happened to love their twice baked almond croissants more than almost any other baked goods in the city!! Ahhh! 

On to the next! Nothing makes you quite happy as eating an endorphin filled food. Aka spicy food! 

My stop  #2 -

Crazy Pho Cajun ( International district) 

516, 7th ave Seattle, WA 98104  

Spicy Étouffée from crazy pho Cajun! It is tasty, rich yet not heavy. And above all, spicy!! My tastebuds and me were both woken up after this meal :)  




After the two stop, it's only fitting that you go somewhere to relax and/or go shopping!

Stop #3- Melrose Market!!

I love this spot. I get my cheese fix, meat fix, wine fix and even some oysters and espresso fix in here! 

Do try cheeses @ The calf & Kid! Try a brie, try soft cheese. Sheri is so helpful and knows her cheese inside out.  

Have a sip @ Bar Ferd'nand! People watch, have a sip of Pinot. Viola!  

Destressing at its best!

End the day with having a fresh pasta at Vespolina in downtown. The view from the space is as good as the food they offer. And this rainy day makes city watching that much better! Definitely stress free :) 

Single Shot - bang bang.

A solid 5! 

Who would've thought you can find such a cute little place on this street. If you've been to one of the neighboring bars, restaurants, you know the vibe. It's is laid back, casual and comfortable. It's anything but dressy, pretty or cute. But that's the charm about the places on this street. 

Along came a single shot. It was a pleasant surprise. A cute present wrapped in an even prettier wrapping. The ones that make me squeal opening! This is exactly it. 

Love- the place!! It is charming, quaint, pretty and even romantic. But not pretentious or snooty. You can go as you are find yourself fitting in comfortably. 

Love- the staff!! It is brand new. If you except chaos, you won't find it here. Everyone is so polite and friendly. 

Double love- the drinks!! With the names like Osiris, Damuscus, Castro! You are sure to find one that's cater to your liking.

Osiris - Vodka, Lemon, Sparkling Wine, Lavender Bitters. Yumm! I enjoy and love all things sparkle and bubbles. This was a good mix of both. 

Raymond Earl -Bourbon, Grapefruit, Vanilla, and Mint! It's like a Kentucky mule. 

Castro --Rum, Lime, Allspice Dram and Laphroaig! Scotch and rum mix!! I'm not a scotch drinker but I liked this. 

Damascus - another one with scotch! Scotch, India Sherry, Cocchi Americano and Orange Bitters! 

They also have a food menu that looks enticing. The food will surprise you! It is tastier than you imagined.

Lobster mushroom with veal sweetbread - I spot Sichuan peppercorn. And I liked it! 

Pizza Margherita -pretty good.

Black rice and black mussels- one word: Uni! Translation? Must try!!!! Dessert list looks pretty good as well but I haven't tried it yet. It's more like a restaurant than a bar thanks to their tasty food. Either way, it's cute, charming, romantic and tasty!!! 

This happens to be 3 mins drive from my place down the hill. Guess you'll be seeing here again and often!!

Happy hour every hour @ Japonessa!!

1400 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101


Happy hour galore!!

Who doesn't like an all day happy hour!!! I most certainly do. And that too at this place.  I've only been here a few times for their regular menu but happy hour visits? I lost count!

They have happy hour from 12 pm- 8 pm in the bar. And 10 pm to close. All day on Sundays! How can you say no that?? I most certainly can't. 

My goto happy hour items 

Short ribs - delish 

Oyster shooters 

Agedashi tofu - always so flaky. 

Hama Hama 

Dragon scallops - wrapped with bacon!

Yakitori - pretty good 

Chef choice sashimi set -$15 gets you some belly cuts! 

Specialty rolls

* ***Diablo Say- Tres Diablos

Spicy tuna topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tobiko and strawberry habañero sauce! Mind blowlingly spicy!! And flavorful!

Get it you dare!

***Last Samurai- Spicy yellowtail, cucumber, topped with albacore, chili powder and ponzu sauce! 

***Rockstar! - Delish scallops, tobiko, avocado, tempura'd, topped with seared spicy crab, spicy chili allioli and tobiko. Unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients above, you should love this. You will love this. You must love this!!! 

There are a ton more on their extensive menu but these are some of my favorites. I have also enjoyed their happy hour bubbles/ champagne and hot sake! They do have a full bar I've never tried anything except sake and champagne here. Plus, nothing can really top cheering to every single tiny cup of sake you drink with friends. That's where all the fun is!

Over all- this is, has been and will be one of my top happy hour sushi places to go! Emphasis on happy hour of course. Plus, who can resists their outdoor seating! You get to eat, sip AND people watch all the hustle and bustle of the super touristy fun downtown area!


Sake and short ribs happy hour on Sunday!! Fun fun! 

Chilli & Liming @Manao

1222 E Pine St, Suite C, Seattle, WA 98122


Oh the Chillis and lime!! 

Manao is all thing Cap hill and cool. I walked by this place few weeks ago and I was excited to try. It's bright, clean, crisp with menus written on the board. It's like all the cool spots in Portland! You come in, you order, get your food and eat! 

So far I've tried,

Larb salad

Pad kee mao

Som tom

Pork belly with crispy basil 

And their 24 oz Thai ice coffee in a mason jar!!! yumm! All the dishes are around $10- $12. 

Larb gai - I'm a sucker for thai salads. Almost all the thai salads and I eat them quite often. I got it with chicken!This one needed more spice! They don't do stars level but they have spices. The day I went though, they didn't have thai chillis. Either that or I didn't see it! But to be fair, I was doing a take out.

Som tom aka papaya salad came with sticky rice. Very blend tasting. Either that or I'm used to a lot more flavors ( fish sauce, lime juice extra)

Pad kee mao was probably the biggest portion I've received from this place. Nice and burnt! Everything else is pretty small. Tasty but small!

Pork belly with crispy basil- this is what I had today and probably my favorite dish from here! I'm glad I tried it. Pork was on the crispier side but that basil and all. It's so tastyyy! I've been here several times now for both food and their giant ice coffee/thai tea. But pork belly definitely will be my repeat order next time! Overall, it's a cute spot, new, shiny and tasty. I still have to try other items on their menu but given their easy location and parking, I'll have no trouble returning!

Brunching with The Butcher and the baker-

6412 Latona Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Winner winner chicken fritter!! No seriously, try it!

Brunch is like Sundays. Makes you feel happy, relax and giddy! You need an ultimate relaxing meal with all things light and tasty. In my case, all things egg, benny and coffee. Butcher gave me all of that an then some!

Cute little places are my thing. Cute little places with great food- now those are my addiction! Thanks Butcher! And the Baker for this :)

What I had-

***French pressed coffee - hmmmm!

***The ultimate benny - prosciutto, roasted potatoes and fresh fruit on toasted baguette with their hollandaise sauce. Oh so tasty. Eggs were perfectly poached just the way I like it. Prosciutto was perfect. And the plate looks as good as it tasted.

*** Winner winner chicken fritter --who doesn't like fried chicken and bourbon biscuits for breakfast? I most certainly do. You need that salty fix. That bacon cheddar biscuit! Sausage gravy! And the eggs. Yumm yummm!

*** Bailey's French Toast- you always need one sweet dish for brunch. I usually go for waffles or French toast. And what do you know! They have one with bailey cream. Sweet, dense and tasty!

***Sicilian frittata - my friend ordered this and I got to taste a bite. I was so full to eat at this point but from what I remember, it was nice. If it was a choice between this and the benny, I'm definitely going for the benny! It was perfection. 

We came a little earlier than the lunch time so they didn't have any sandwiches ready. But I wouldn't mind trying a few of them. Great food, good spot with attentive staff ( Thanks Ana!!). I know I'll be going back pretty soon. What are you waiting for?? :)